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Bad play rewarded once again.

Poker chat

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Old 01-09-2010, 08:55 AM
mepusica mepusica is offline
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Default Bad play rewarded once again.

You would think I was used to these situations by now:

Get my money in all in preflop against the table donk and chipleader. Earlier he has called all ins with 44 and 55 against KK and AA and won. He sucks! I have 6000 chips and he has 19000. I have AA, a short stack has K9 and Mister Champ has K8 suited....what an idiot. Flop is KK9 and I bust out. Preflop I'm 78% favorite against the two players

Ahhh the hurting never stops. All in preflop in a PokerStars 3$ donkament. I have AA and my opponent has 45. He hits two pair on the river. 2010 has not brought the glory I hoped for yet.

Damn I was mad......
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bad, play, rewarded

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