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Poker Cash Game Bonus Search  

Poker Cash Bonus Search

This page will help you find the best possible poker bonus for cash game play; either texas limit holdem or texas no limit holdem. If you are interested in a poker bonus for another type of poker play, please have a look at these pages:


      Sit and Go Poker Bonus

      Tournament Poker Bonus

Poker Game
Which table limit do you play?
Table Type
Table played at the same time
Deposit Method
Gambling License
Poker Network
USA Friendly Poker Room
Yes Never Mind
Enter the maximum amount you wish to deposit
Poker Cash Game Bonus Explanation » All data was last updated: February 26, 2010

Poker Cash Bonus Explanation

Poker Room
The Poker Room offering the bonus

Bonus Per Hour

This number gives you a value for the amount of bonus you earn per hour. The bonus amount depends on:

          Whether you play no limit holdem or limit holdem.

          Whether you play short handed (maximum 6 players seated) or ring game (maximum 10 players seated)

          The number of tables you play at once, more tables leads to higher bonus earnings per hour.

Bonus Amount

States the size of the bonus you will receive on your deposit (the amount typed into the field: Enter maximum deposit amount). If you did not type anything into this box, the column shows the maximum bonus available at the poker room.

Bonus Percent
States what percentage of your initial deposit you will receive in bonus. This will help you to determine which bonus is best for you in your current situation.

Hours to clear bonus

This gives you the number of hours you need to play to complete the poker bonus in question.


States which poker network the poker room in question is connected to.


The review will give you some insights into the poker room you are interested in.

Any questions? Please send an email to support@wosb.com or see if our live chat is online.

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