Tue August 22, 2017
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WOSB Rating Guide

The purpose of this guide is to give you some insight in to what is behind our rating system. Our approach in rating the bookmakers is that we do not want to make any subjective conclusions about the rated companies. Hence all ratings are based upon objective data collected by us. Furthermore, we believe that the whole scale/rating spectrum should be used. You will often find bookmaker reviews where the scale 1-5 is chosen but only grades 3-5 are used. In our opinion this does not provide any valuable information. When choosing a bookmaker a number of parameters are important to different customer types. These manifolded demands are close to impossible to take into consideration when writing a text based review of a betting site. In our rating system we have identified over 500 different parameters that are used to explain each bookmaker's offer. 

The system is created in a way that should allow you to build you own conclusions about which bookmaker to choose. Our pledge has been to give you a transparent view of the various offers, you may therefore assume that all information on the website is in fact the correct information. You will probably also notice that our website has no E-Gaming related advertising banners. This is costly for us, but it is an absolutely necessity to keep an objective environment.

The E-Gaming marked is vast; we have so far identified just over 1200 web sites that offer you the possibility to wager on sports events. Furthermore the transparency of the companies operating these web sites is often very small. So far 116 bookmakers are rated at WOSB.com.

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Bookmaker Rating System
Each bookmaker is rated in 7
objective dimensions.

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